Monday, November 8, 2010

He Still Works En Ik Mis Hem

Jogjakarta situation is little bit scary because Merapi volcano continues erupting and producing the hot cloud from inside of it. Luckily my house still in the save area zone, although dust rain sometimes fall down till down here. So, in the next, if i bored hiding in my home sweet home, i wanna go to the south area just for refreshing my mind. I hope we can pray together, so this natural disaster wont continue and stop immediately. And also we have to believe that God always protect us and we have to do the government instructions to stay away from the warning disaster area. So my friends, as you know Jogjakarta still be deserved to be visited as tourist destination. As long as you don't get closer to the dangerous area. Rite!! :D

This time, i prefer to stay inside my house. I opened my laptop while i was looking at my old photos with my lovely boyfriend. Not bad, for relieving my feeling that i missed him. LOL. I found photos when he was with his band "The Jeef" showing his performance in a high school music concert. Although The Jeef was performing in the afternoon, but I saluted with him, because he was still looked energetic and his scream ogggghhhh amazing!! If i saw him on the stage, my heart pounding feels beating so hard. As hard as the rock music sound that played by my boyfriend’s band. Hmmm, at that time, tomboyish was my theme, with a plaid shirt dominated by red color. I love red very much. A blue tie was circling on my shirt collar. So as not removed the sense of feminine, I was letting my hair and used a small bag from a Batik fabrics. My bag colors were blue and red. I thought, red color signed that you’re brave. Like an Indonesian philosophical thinking, right? Yes, definitely I proud to be Indonesian!

we're (not) devil
love everywhere
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