Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dangerous Time! Save Our Earth!

Actually, I do really want to visit Kaliadem which is cool and has a beautiful scenery. So, I can forget my boring days because my boyfriend still works out of town. But, as we know, Merapi Volcano isn’t in good situation and could be explode again anytime, I decide not to go to the north side. Hmmm, finally I just enjoy my whole time in my home sweet home. I feed the deer around my house. It's better than do nothing, right? LOL
I love my home so much. Yep, my house is small but it is surrounded by a big yard. I’m very happy walking around my house. I can see a lot of trees without any pollution. Because I just stay in my house, it's pretty enough to wear a simple T-shirt that has the writing in front of it made by patchwork batik. Jogja’s teenagers are really creative, aren’t they? They create eco-friendly clothes using batik waste. How cool...

kan ik slapen ?
ik geef manggo

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