Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Graduation! Go To Mang Eking Resto

Yessssssssss, one week passed. Please, don’t make me wake up if this is a dream. But (I pinch my cheek) and ouch! I don’t believe it!! This is real! Today I graduated from my University and my boyfriend was there to accompany me with my family also. I was so happy standing next to the special persons that I love. Because they are the most priceless wealth that I have. Therefore, I tried to make as best as I could to be a beautiful girl and smiling as much as I could. LOL!!!

In this my special day, I wore kabaya and the lower part was jarik. Actually Indonesia has so many traditional dress/ clothes from various culture of Indonesia. But, because I come from Jogjakarta, so I wore a Kabaya (modern) and Batik from Jogjakarta too. Also my hair was bun in a simple way because a paes bun only use for my wedding party soon. Tadaaaaa, yeah, here I am. My parents said that I’m beautiful (sure they say so, because I’m the only daughter that they have), meanwhile my brothers said to me that I’m ugly (it happened because we are like cat and mouse, always fighting but what makes me confused is I enjoyed at that time). But what makes I melt is when my boyfriend said to me that I’m gorgeous (if he didn’t say like that, so I wouldn’t give him a kiss). Xoxoxo... Ik ben heel geluk en will jullie tracteren (^__^)

full people
nice shot
look or catch fish
batik shirt VS kabaya
village atmosphere
eeten en drinken

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Jawa Banget Ni..:)

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