Monday, February 28, 2011

Amri Museum & Art Gallery

Amri Yahya was born in Sukaraja, Palembang, Sumatera Selatan, on September 29th, 1939. Since 1977, he was noted as honourable member of International Association of Art (IAA) UNESCO Paris. In 1996, Amri Yahya represented Indonesia in Conference of Islam's Art and Culture in Hofsra University, New york. In 1972, he established his gallery, named Amri Gallery. Yesterday, I went there and found batik works on display. Although he mostly produces abstract oil paintings, but the most i like is calligraphic painting, very very beautiful art. Btw, I wore simple outfit that day and really loved my special weekend <3 <3 <3

pendopo house
red touching
yellow nail

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Batik Skirt * Parang Rusak Motif

I am sorry for being such a bad blogger. I've got to do a lot for my job. Busy busy and busy. Yes I was totally busy. But oh, I cant believe that now I have much time to spend my weekend. Too happy... ^_^ I'll go shopping right away! It's a must! I'm wearing T-shirt and my new skirt from batik fabric. Just simple. Then, ready to go. Special for today, I make two versions with this skirt before leaving my home... Xoxo...

beautiful pattern
doing something
laughing everytime
love my hair
natural light

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Batik Shirt* Home Sweet Home

Okay I just feel fine, although I am little bit sad because my boyfriend still in Karawang city. But life must go on. So I go back to my daily routine. Today I am an apprentice in one of the national news TV station. I couldn’t stop to work just a moment. Looking for news and writing script, hmm i love it so much! Well, I think batik is flexibly for used in any condition. Whether it's for a formal or informal events. This time, I choose a batik shirt. I complement my batik shirt with black skirt.

te voet
batik shirt