Thursday, July 21, 2011

@ Roemah Pelantjong

I was the only one who didn't wore batik in the launching of Roemah Pelantjong. Actually, I intended to wear batik like usually I did. But my friend told me about wearing free dresscode, therefore I thought "free" at here meaning that I had to wear ordinary outfit. Without more confirmation, I was so confident to wear pink blouse combined with brown pants. Whereas all my friend had conspired to wear batik before. Finally, when I came to Roemah Pelantjong, I was surprised finding myself different. Xoxo... Very embarrasing...@_@

traditional corner
everyhing's funny
pink brown

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Sick by Trend said...

love your outfit!!!! :D what a pants!


Limasim said...

looks very nice!

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