Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goa Cemara Beach, Exotic Place !

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I was sick some days ago. By the way, I have told you about Kuwaru Beach, haven't I? Meanwhile, it's not too far away from it, there is a beautiful beach called Goa Cemara Beach. Even more, the casuarine tree in this beach is denser rather than Kuwaru. It's called Goa (cave), because it really looks like a cave. But the different is that this Goa is made by casuarine branch trees. So amazzzzing...

This morning I wore a brown dress. The most interesting from the lower part of this dress is Batik. To make it looked like as 2 pieces, I split it with black belt. So, quickly, I started to take a lot of pictures of mine. Even nearby Goa Cemara Beach, there is a lighthouse, and sure, I went there and shouted my boyfriend’s name. ONAAAASSS!!! Ik mis jou!! After that, I felt so relieved. Hope he can hear my voice. Ouuggghh so sweeeettt. LOL^_^

wonderful cave
pink cloud
taking shelter
dark brown
sun attack
batik forever

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gorgeous red dress

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