Saturday, April 23, 2011

Batik * Skinny Jeans

Indonesia has a great inspiration woman known Raden Ajeng Kartini. And every April 21, we celebrate Kartini’s day. It’s dedicated to Kartini who has a brave. She fight to win her equality with men. Live in 19th century, she was the daughter of Assistant of Head of Regency who was also the descendant of a noble family. During that period, access to higher level of education was restricted for women. They weren’t allowed to go out until married, so they just stayed at home. But Kartini spent her time by reading books. Then she wrote a book too, “Habis Gelap, Terbitlah Terang (After Dark, There is A Light)”. Using her knowledge and creative thought she was able to establish a school on the backyard of city hall for local people. Shorthly, that’s why Kartini become a pioneer of women’s emancipation.

I get loads of lessons from her. Maybe I can apply some of it by studying hard. Xoxo. Actually, after doing my job in the afternoon I have to go to the language course immediately. Sometimes I stop by in the park to read dictionary. And now, this is what I wear under the tree. I think, batik dress combined with skinny jeans is so nice. Great day, yay!

green background
best time
wait a sec
just read
all black

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Batik * Spring Imagination

HALLOOOO, Spring. Could you please come here, in Indonesia? Xoxo. Yeah, I am dreaming. But I really really want spring right now. Maybe it is just in my imagination. Then, I wear my cute batik. I love this batik so much. Soft color and great motif. I combine this batik with yellow bag. I think, I’m ready to welcome spring^_^ 

mijn batik

Friday, April 8, 2011

Batik * Everywhere Everytime

What I wore made me proud. Last Sunday, I went to my friend’s birthday party with my brother. I wore brown dress that was simple. But my “little” bag was so interesting. It's from batik fabric. Whoever was coming to the party talked about it. They asked where I bought it and they also said how matching it was. Yaehh, I love batik very much. Now, we can find various types of batik product in some batik stores. And batik isn’t only used for dress, shirt, skirt etc, but it can be made accesories, bag, shoes etc. The price is achievable. It depends on substance material. Oh, I forget to tell about my bracelet. I like my bracelet too. Something natural..))

blink shoes
brown theme
nice pattern