Saturday, December 31, 2011

Batik * X'mast and New Year

I’ve a new job in Jakarta so I have to go there as soon as possible. I feel so hard leaving Jogjakarta but what can I do??? LOL... Btw Merry X’mast everyone. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays. I wear my brown batik with my favorite boots. I hope those all pics can be beautiful Christmas gift to all of you. Blessings, love, and peace to you this Christmas. Kiss kiss...

lovely batik
what's funny ?
nothing there
not catwalk
my owl

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Batik * Jeans Jacket

Believe it or not. I bought this batik dress several years ago, but I have not worn it yet even once. There was no idea to wear it until I found my old blue denim jacket. Just mix those two items from my closet, and now I am totally ready to having dinner with my friends. Since the air is chilly in the beginning of the month, using socks will warm my feet while I am out. Finally, I can't wait any longer to eat the dishes. Yay!!!
batik lover
blue dress
close my eyes
today's cool

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dimas Diajeng * Batik Day

All Indonesians commemorate batik day on every October 2nd by wearing batik as cultural heritage. Therefore, several days ago my friends and I became model to celebrate batik day. We totally showed that batik can be worn for working, hanging out, or attending party. Love batik more and more..!!!

casual style
smile together
dimas diajeng
chic group
tall group

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Batik * Ied Mubarak

Yeah, finally fasting month was over approximately one week ago. During Ramadhan, as a Muslim, I was prohibited from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset. But by fasting i learned a lot that i have to sympathize with those less fortunate ones who do not always have food and drink readily available. Another lesson was that i have to control desires such as hungry, thirsty, and a-n-g-e-r (the most difficult to be done). Xoxo... Then, after fasting for one month, I was  absolutely happy meeting Ied Mubarak 1432 H. Happy gathering with my all relatives. They're from Makasar, from Jakarta, and sure, from Yogyakarta coming and staying at my home. Just let's welcome the guests wholeheartedly. Anyway, that was the best moment to request forgiveness each other for our mistake throughout the year. Not only with our family members, but  also with our friends and our neighbours whoever they are...^_^

batik & jegging
helemaal bruin
mijn cartoon

Monday, August 29, 2011

Batik * Tamansari Watercastle

Long time ago, Tamansari Watercastle was a recreation garden or a resting house for Sultan and his family. Not only just a recreation, but it's also a compound of bathing pool, canals, rooms and large swimming pool. Built by Portuguese architect in European aquatic construction, Tamansari’s also adorned with Javanese symbolize ornaments. From Tamansari, we can go upstair and see the beautiful scenery of Yogyakarta. Oh, last week I came here to take a lot of photos. Xoxo.. How narcissistic I am. I wore my batik skirt that I ever wore before. I really love this batik so much. That’s why I couldn't stop myself taking photos. Click click...
green girl
awesome motif
behind me

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Batik * Bolero Inside Out

Yes, finally, I can show proudly my favorite batik which was bought unplanned last week. I just took a walk with my boyfriend when I found this bolero batik and fell in love right away either its color or its motif. Actually, there were same designs over there, yet it turned out batik tulis (hand drawn batik). I chose this bolero batik because  it’s cheaper than batik tulis and good quality thing too. But my bolero is not printing batik, instead it is stamped batik made by craftsman step by step. Wow, I got such a beautiful batik with friendly price. Happy ^_*

blue side
pink side
simple outfit
try this
how nice

Thursday, July 21, 2011

@ Roemah Pelantjong

I was the only one who didn't wore batik in the launching of Roemah Pelantjong. Actually, I intended to wear batik like usually I did. But my friend told me about wearing free dresscode, therefore I thought "free" at here meaning that I had to wear ordinary outfit. Without more confirmation, I was so confident to wear pink blouse combined with brown pants. Whereas all my friend had conspired to wear batik before. Finally, when I came to Roemah Pelantjong, I was surprised finding myself different. Xoxo... Very embarrasing...@_@

traditional corner
everyhing's funny
pink brown

Thursday, July 7, 2011

*Tourism Ambassador*

On June, I followed Tourism Ambassador of Yogyakarta Election named Dimas Diajeng which was held at City Hall. There were a lot of activities done by me as a finalist when the judging started. Together with my all companions, we made programs to promote Yogyakarta such as "Visiting Museum", "Come on Making Batik", and "Eco-Green Tourism". Those are really unforgettable experiences that I ever had. But... after finishing my routine during that time, I should check my blog and write something interesting, instead I slept on my bed. Honestly I was exhausted!

entertaining audience
group 1 is here
dark blue batik

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Batik * Skinny Jeans

Indonesia has a great inspiration woman known Raden Ajeng Kartini. And every April 21, we celebrate Kartini’s day. It’s dedicated to Kartini who has a brave. She fight to win her equality with men. Live in 19th century, she was the daughter of Assistant of Head of Regency who was also the descendant of a noble family. During that period, access to higher level of education was restricted for women. They weren’t allowed to go out until married, so they just stayed at home. But Kartini spent her time by reading books. Then she wrote a book too, “Habis Gelap, Terbitlah Terang (After Dark, There is A Light)”. Using her knowledge and creative thought she was able to establish a school on the backyard of city hall for local people. Shorthly, that’s why Kartini become a pioneer of women’s emancipation.

I get loads of lessons from her. Maybe I can apply some of it by studying hard. Xoxo. Actually, after doing my job in the afternoon I have to go to the language course immediately. Sometimes I stop by in the park to read dictionary. And now, this is what I wear under the tree. I think, batik dress combined with skinny jeans is so nice. Great day, yay!

green background
best time
wait a sec
just read
all black

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Batik * Spring Imagination

HALLOOOO, Spring. Could you please come here, in Indonesia? Xoxo. Yeah, I am dreaming. But I really really want spring right now. Maybe it is just in my imagination. Then, I wear my cute batik. I love this batik so much. Soft color and great motif. I combine this batik with yellow bag. I think, I’m ready to welcome spring^_^ 

mijn batik

Friday, April 8, 2011

Batik * Everywhere Everytime

What I wore made me proud. Last Sunday, I went to my friend’s birthday party with my brother. I wore brown dress that was simple. But my “little” bag was so interesting. It's from batik fabric. Whoever was coming to the party talked about it. They asked where I bought it and they also said how matching it was. Yaehh, I love batik very much. Now, we can find various types of batik product in some batik stores. And batik isn’t only used for dress, shirt, skirt etc, but it can be made accesories, bag, shoes etc. The price is achievable. It depends on substance material. Oh, I forget to tell about my bracelet. I like my bracelet too. Something natural..))

blink shoes
brown theme
nice pattern

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Batik * Krakal & Sadranan Beach

Second day, my boyfriend and I visited Krakal and Sadranan Beach. The views are very very exotic. Krakal has scratching white hill with blue slopes gently to the sea. The beauty of green lime-scratching hill with blue seawater offers a perfect harmony, which is very natural and ideal for sun bathing. Well... maybe Krakal is bigger than Sadranan, but Sadranan is the most special for me. Because Sadranan is like private beach. So quiet. Arrrghh, I didnt want to go from here. Oh, that day I wore my new batik dress. This is what I wore^_^ 

try walking
about couple
sadranan in love
the polkadot
sea tide
power of nature