Saturday, March 26, 2011

Batik * Krakal & Sadranan Beach

Second day, my boyfriend and I visited Krakal and Sadranan Beach. The views are very very exotic. Krakal has scratching white hill with blue slopes gently to the sea. The beauty of green lime-scratching hill with blue seawater offers a perfect harmony, which is very natural and ideal for sun bathing. Well... maybe Krakal is bigger than Sadranan, but Sadranan is the most special for me. Because Sadranan is like private beach. So quiet. Arrrghh, I didnt want to go from here. Oh, that day I wore my new batik dress. This is what I wore^_^ 

try walking
about couple
sadranan in love
the polkadot
sea tide
power of nature

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Sick by Trend said...

great shooting and location.. i wish be there!


jos xx said...

wow the beach looks amazing!!! so beautiful! lovely photos :)

jos xx

Indah Nainggolan said...

whoaaaa, beautiful view...and i like your wedges :):)

Francesca said...

adore these photos. i'm super jealous x

Anonymous said...

wow, very beautiful view
we follow you:) and we hope you follow us back

Amber said...

wow I love the polka dots!

Riz said...

cute! you look so serene and this place looks so peaceful. you are so lucky to be living in a tropical island!

Peace Love ♥♥ and Nailart said...

nice pictures! Do you make them by yourself?
thanks for your comment
I follow you!

Heis said...

I love your bracelet too!

follow you!


Anne said...

great location! i'm following you now:) X

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely comment, i would love for us to follow, following you now, hope you do the same.
Great pictures too :)


yamilla said...

Thanks for the visit! what a lovely view! i love indonesia! great pictures!
i follow:)

LikeSpinningPlates said...

I'm following you! I love your pictures. Gorgeous location and cute colorful outfit =) I want to go there right now. It's freezing where I live =( I love the ones of you on the rocks.


Karen said...

Such a cute dress!!! I wish I was on the beach too!!



Whitney said...

These photos make me want to go to the beach! So beautiful!

Kotryna said...

The beach looks soo good. You too, by the vay :)

I V Y said...

i'm loving the polka dots!

zebra and meerkat shop xo

Anonymous said...

This outfit is brilliant!

I'm a your new follower!
Hope you follow me back

Anonymous said...


FrancescPhoto said...

Beatiful shots!!!Congratulations!!

Good weekend!!

Regards from Barcelona,


Tara said...

i want to make a new photoshoot in the beach...
love ur photos :)

augustalolita said...

beautiful photos <3 and lovely outfit!!

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