Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meet My Rock 'n Roll Star

Today I was really glad because my boyfriend back home to Jogjakarta. He got permission from his work place in the one of the local TV station in Karawang. Tomorrow he and his band "The Jeef" must show their performance in a charity event raising funds for victims of the natural disasters, particularly the eruption of Merapi. He immediately hugged me when we met. Then I was invited to the music studio (Akustika & Setro) to accompany him preparing his performance. It's time to scream!

By the way my boyfriend and I were wearing t-shirt designed by Maveriq Apparel. This Clothing is a joint effort that was involved by my brother with his friends. That’s good, right? Made in original Indonesian, you know. Xoxoxo...

high angle

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Anonymous said...

This is Home Studio With Clasic Style..:)

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