Thursday, September 8, 2011

Batik * Ied Mubarak

Yeah, finally fasting month was over approximately one week ago. During Ramadhan, as a Muslim, I was prohibited from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset. But by fasting i learned a lot that i have to sympathize with those less fortunate ones who do not always have food and drink readily available. Another lesson was that i have to control desires such as hungry, thirsty, and a-n-g-e-r (the most difficult to be done). Xoxo... Then, after fasting for one month, I was  absolutely happy meeting Ied Mubarak 1432 H. Happy gathering with my all relatives. They're from Makasar, from Jakarta, and sure, from Yogyakarta coming and staying at my home. Just let's welcome the guests wholeheartedly. Anyway, that was the best moment to request forgiveness each other for our mistake throughout the year. Not only with our family members, but  also with our friends and our neighbours whoever they are...^_^

batik & jegging
helemaal bruin
mijn cartoon

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Yajaira said...

you look cute

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Sick by Trend said...

beautiful outfit honey :)


Brahm said...

So chic!

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