Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bantar Bridge, The First Day of 2011

Happy New Year everyone. I'd like to welcome the new year with a new spirit. I woke up early this morning and went to amazing place. I asked my friend to accompany me. So, tadaaaa, we were on Bantar Bridge. Although the Bantar Bridge had not been used anymore, but we had so much fun here and took many pictures. We also drank fruit ice over there because of the hot weather.

Anyway, I wore blue batik to make my day more colorful. I also wore my new shoes. I bought it from House of L'mar, Lia Mustafa's boutique. Hmm... I hope the new year will allow us to continue what we've worked hard for. Especially I hope the new year can bring me a good news. I'm hunting job now. Xoxoxo...

high temperature
grey stocking
batik dress & wood bracelet

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