Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Batik * Spring Imagination

HALLOOOO, Spring. Could you please come here, in Indonesia? Xoxo. Yeah, I am dreaming. But I really really want spring right now. Maybe it is just in my imagination. Then, I wear my cute batik. I love this batik so much. Soft color and great motif. I combine this batik with yellow bag. I think, I’m ready to welcome spring^_^ 

mijn batik

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Diana Zein said...

beautiful batik,, nail color and color matching your bags are bright and pretty accessories!!

I have become followers of your blog, if you become my followers? if you want.

"not both vindictive and arrogant that one thing that the hated by God"

asia said...

aww beautiful photos :)
amazing outfit :)

Carly said...

Thanks for stopping in on my blog:)
LOVE your shirt...and the yellow bag...what a fun piece for spring!
probably my fav thing is that beautiful gold charm bracelet!

Yes, following along...:)

Gabriela Dias said...

Your look is very beautiful, I liked!!! Where are you from?



Gabriela Dias said...

Oh, sorry, I saw now that you are from Indonesia! =)

Miksu said...

Beautiful! I like that batik!


Natasha said...

I am your new follower. I love your pretty look!
Thanks for your nice comment :)

Baoto said...

Pretty! Love the batik.



Love the dress! Thanks for stopping by...am following now! xo

Anonymous said...

I love your bag:)great blog I follow:) and I invite to me:)

frills and ruffles diaries said...

A great way to do tribal with a modern twist! Love the booties and you have killer legs for them!

Alexiane said...

Tu es toute mignonne comme ça! :)

modaslamona said...

i follow u, dear!^^ regards from spain!

Riz said...

I have one too! But I''ve never taken it out of the closet. It's so hard to style around it, but you do it so well!

Sascha. F said...

hallo Mbak, sy pembaca blog Mbak yg setia dari Singapur. Sy udah lama suka dgn style Mbak yg tradisional tp masih kerennn banget. Skrg sy ada satu soalan fashion buat Mbak! Juli nnt sy akan wisuda dan sy mau pake batik ato kebaya gitulah! Tapi kalo di Singapur, pake batik dan kebaya kykn'ya aneh gitu yah, di sini selalun'y dipake business atau formalwear buat acara wisuda. Jadi gini, menurut Mbak, batik ato kebaya style apa yg pas buat sy pake buat wisuda yg modern ttp tetap tradisional yach?Tolong dunkkk,sy lg bingung nih!Mbak ada foto2 wisuda di blog ini, cantik dehh Mbak tp kalo sy di Singapur, duhh takut terlebih dikit yach. Makasih ya Mbak!

Renée said...

I love your shoes!

P! said...

Cool outfit!!
Love your bag!!


Ari Hastari Hadipranoto said...

dear sascha..

kalau pakai kabaya terlihat aneh disana, lebih baik pakai batik aja, sekarang kan banyak model batik yang modern, pilih yang membuat kamu nyaman memakainya, pasti cantik,,))

Nina said...

I like the top! the shoe's are gorgeous:)


Jane said...

Woow, i like it so much. Everything is perfect., love the shoes, the bag, the shirt, your hair ;)...


giana said...

great blog! beautiful outfit selections. Love the mix of vintage in the bag


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